Water Damage- Data Recovery

If your device is water damaged Smart Phone Repair can still save your data. The process for recovering data from water damage devices varies in every situation so we put together a guide to help you get your data as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, data recovery does not repair the device. We can’t offer water damage device repair at this point in time. 

In any situation involving the submersion or splashing of an electronic device in any liquid, the first step is to disconnect any power source like a charger or internal battery as soon as this is safely possible.

  1. Retrieving a submerged or soaked electronic device that contains a battery presents its own dangers. A shorted battery may be a fire and/or chemical hazard. If you see or feel any heat, smoke, steam, bubbling, bulging, or melting avoid handling the electronic device.
  2. If the device is still on, turn it off.
  3. Rotate and shake the device to try to let any fluid drain out.
  4. Bring the phone to a professional like Smart Phone Repair as soon as possible to have any chance at data recovery.

Time is the biggest factor in our ability to perform data recovery successfully. The phone still being wet inside is the best case scenario for the least amount of damage done to your device.

Since liquid and electronics do not play nicely together there is no way of guaranteeing your data can be successfully recovered or how long it would take. However assuming you were able to complete the steps above your chances of success are much higher.

Data recovery starts at $100 and may be increased for uncommon or newly released devices. This is to cover the extensive labor and diagnosing done by our lead tech and cover costs of replacement parts required to get the device working enough to remove data.

Data recovery can include:

  • Pictures,video, and other media
  • contacts
  • icloud backup data

Data recovery does not include:

  • App data
  • game saves
  • health data
  • full itunes backups/ encrypted itunes backups
  • voicemails
  • emails